Our Philosophy & Process

Elevate Wealth Planning is here to serve as your financial-life coach. We believe that developing healthy habits and sound decision making is the foundation on which your financial success is built. Despite market fluctuations, your behavior and reaction to that inevitability is the most important factor in reaching your long-term goals. Elevate is here to support and provide the skills you need through all emotionally challenging conditions.

Our relationship is most important…It starts with a gained mutual trust; is served through counseling; involving guidance, partnership, and accountability. 

How do we get there?

Primacy of Relationship

We strive daily to develop and nurture mutual trust through honest and frequent communication. With communication over time, we build a real concern for your well-being. By design, we get to know and understand you. We earn that trust through transparency. We believe in communicating what you need to hear versus what you want to hear. Our relationship is essential to your long-term success. We care

Goals, Plan, Portfolio

This is the order that makes the most sense to us. We need to understand your goals and what’s most important to you. We’ll provide the professional guidance and together we’ll develop a structured plan to attain your goals. We see ourselves as your ultimate coach. We’ll put you on a stable routine, and despite the daily headlines or temporary market fluctuations, long-term success can be achieved through attention and guidance. A portfolio without a plan is like a rudderless ship. Your goals are priority #1

Erosion of Purchasing Power: The Real Risk

In the long run, money can be defined as purchasing power. We see the ultimate risk to the long-term investor as the rising cost of living due to inflation. Even if you perfectly preserve your principal, when your cost of living doubles, you’ve lost half of your money. Every year, everything you need to buy will cost more

Belief in Ownership of Companies

Your ownership in the great companies of the Americas and beyond has proven to be the most successful long-range investment strategy. Far better than bonds or other fixed interest investments, equities have preserved and enhanced purchasing power over time. The real return of owning companies (the margin of safety they have provided over inflation) has been two or three times the return of other strategies. Invest, preserve, grow

*Please note that past performance does not guarantee future results and being an equity investor also includes taking on more risk.

Volatility Does Not Equal Risk

The superior long-term returns of equities are a function of, and caused by, their greater volatility. Volatility is not the same as risk, as all historical declines have been temporary, and the advance of equity values has been permanent. Premium permanent returns, premium temporary declines

Investor Behavior

The most significant predictor of successful financial outcomes isn’t portfolio performance, it’s investor behavior. Beginning in 1994, Dalbar began publishing statistics which established that the average equity mutual fund investor underperformed the S&P 500 by about 40% over 20-year periods. The consequences of decision making influenced by human nature is demonstrated in the following chart which shows the results of Dalbar’s most recent 20-year analysis of investor behavior.


We believe the variance of these returns is the result of financial decisions driven by emotions. Our goal, and we believe our highest value, is to guide clients away from making emotionally charged decisions. Elevate brings real value to you as an investment behavior coach. We have the experience

No Market Timing

No one can gain an advantage over the equity market by going in and out of it because of current events or perceived threats. For this reason, we will always counsel patiently holding the portfolio which seems best suited to your long-term goals. Faith, Patience, Discipline

How We Work

At Elevate, we believe cost should be easily understood and fair. Generally, we charge a percent of assets under our stewardship. The higher your asset level, the lower our percentage. Elevate provides value to you through our guidance (behavioral and otherwise), planning, portfolio design and selection, and all monitoring, reporting and client service. Upfront, honest, transparent

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Although a new corporate venture, Elevate Wealth Planning brings more than 20 years of experience and successful management—Helping our clients reach their daily financial and retirement goals.